Shikishi is an expression of energy and rhythm.
Shodo is usually a Zen koan ( tradtional mediation phrase or
puzzle) Styles vary from very precise to "grass" style which is
quite exquisite, may be more subtle to read.


6" x 9" on handmade paper taken from a gift book
the four dots were for the stitching thread and an
element of the composition, as is the red seal,
"Sitting Quietly".    All available for sale.
Contacts welcome. Below: left to right:

886 / 884

891 / 896  (dragon eyes / coastal walk [* 8 x 10"])

880 /  883   (bird  /  fleeting happiness)


persimmon888  /  persimmon891

persimmon892  /  persimmon895

persimmon890  / persiimmon889


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